Selasa, 14 Februari 2012

[Dearest] a Scared

 When the morning greeting, and you still have not slept
What are you doing my friend?
Is it just going to wait for morning nearing?
Or conversely reject the morning came, and spread your blanket?
Spend your time to avoid the people ...
Ahhh very oppressive to flee from their
Maybe, I will not know 

Just be ready to greet the day before and the morningdisappeared
Routines with cycles repeated every early morning
When the fear greeted and looked around
There's nothing anyone should ask you ...
When scared comes
And what I do is head down
When scared was pierced
And I just shut up and surrender
And I'm lost ... when scared surrounds me
Fear of an uncertain day
Be a hope that you do not understand
As you say glossophobia
Such as panic disorder which I think
Whether scared was so scary?
Answer ...
I'm a crashing storm of the earth,,,
The earthquake that swallowed by the sea ...
Answer lord
Answer that I do not like that I guess
A quiet morning
And bustle of the songs from a foreign country
And I just typed it word for word about a scared
You let me have it ..
What the hell?
Who says? .. Smile
Like nothing happened T.O.P
Ignore those who hate
Full of envy insult
And hurt
colourfull sky but the moon was hiding

Waiting outside the lines
hihihi maaf b.inggrisnya sangat berantakan ... i am so sorry about this

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